Meet Brenda & Ron Johnson

We have been doing vendor events for several years out in the elements.  We have had products get ruined due to the wind and rain and have had to spend money replacing tents.  Outdoor events are often cancelled due to weather conditions, and the summer heat makes participation for vendors and customers really challenging.


Most indoor events are just not affordable for the vendor. That is why we came up with Makin' It EZ - to make an affordable, flexible, indoor venue for vendors.


What makes it easy?

  • We provide each vendor with a table & chair for their space

  • Space sizes are flexible

  • Days are flexible

  • No tents needed!

  • You don't have to be here - we can sell for you!

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& her "babies"

Ron & Trey.jpg

Ron & Young Entrepreneur Trey


This is our G.O.A.T. business - click on the card and go directly to our web site to see our line of goat milk products.